Our team works in developing strategies in close contact with the client companies, and guides them in the process of creating, growing and experimenting processes and projects regarding operational marketing, HR valorisation and retail.


Founder e General Manager

Over 35 years of strategic consulency in the physical and digital retil sector have brought Davide Cavalieri and his company to be a solid and influential point of reference for businesses.

His direction and his personal obsession for technologies and their adaptation, united in constant training and in the search of efficiency in the organizational models and business processes, have led Cavalieri Retail to a level of professional excellence.

To testify this are over 3000 projects developed in the retail sector and the training of over 100.000 people belonging to italian and interational brand who have went through and populated the years of detailed consulency of Davide Cavalieri and his Team. Davide Cavalieri is an active member of the board of directors of Retail Institute Italy and AISM, Associazione Italiana Sviluppo Marketing, being actively involved in the most various aspects of the profession of Marketing & Retail.

Author of the book “Un desiderio chiamato Retail” published since 2019, in which he talks about his experiences through a ironic and full-of-content style, Davide Cavalieri is also a Public Speaker and teacher of national and international Masters at the main italian Business Schools and Universities.

Vincenzo Abatematteo

Senior Retail Consultant

Reference in the context of retail training and KPI analysis. He is constantly looking for ways to turn numbers into successful behaviors.

Luca Bianco

Senior Retail Consultant

Reference in the context of visual merchandising and store communication. teacher of specialist master at Business School Il Sole 24 Ore and school of management It is the historical memory of the agency.

Piera Sangiorgio

Retail Consulent

Reference in the context for food project Research innovative solutions to support the Shopping Experience in modern retail

Maria Villano

Retail Consultant

Reference in the areas of store operations. In their professional journey, they have acquired managerial skills as a retail management assistant and hands-on experience as an area manager. He turned the word problem into solutions.

Cinzia Di Monte

Retail Consultant

Reference in the areas of Customer Experience & Sales in the Luxury, Fashion, Beauty, and Jewelry sectors. Boasts experience in the fashion and tourism sectors, two distinctly different worlds, but which follow very similar logics and strategies. From this perspective, research and attention to detail are her distinctive characteristics.

Sara Delaude

Administration & Finance

Reference for the economic and financial flows of the Company. Constantly seeking perfection in attention to detail.

Massimiliano Rubini

Retail Consultant

Handles the management of retail projects with a particular focus on creating videos and multimedia supports to increase our clients' Brand Awareness.

Fabio D’Armento

Retail Consultant

Design and training sessions are integrated with the experience gained in managerial roles held nationwide. Conceives music as a guide for emotions. Argues that retail consulting means being able to listen to the music between desire and relationship.

Edgardo Bianco

Brand Strategy & Communication Consultant

Positioning and start-up are his areas of expertise. Cannot stand brands without personality.

Nicola Quadrelli

Visual Designer

Visual designer and creative mind in both online and offline communication. Coordinates and develops visual identities and user experiences with a digital mindset and artistic soul.

Carlotta Audisio

Retail Operations

Manages Retail projects with a focus on Fashion & Luxury, Beauty, and Jewelry. Customization and exclusivity, essential prerequisites for a clear and distinct brand identity.

Federica Guseo

Retail Operations

Supports Management in the development of retail projects, ranging from the Fashion sector to the Food world. Combines creativity and innovation with more analytical skills.

Andrea Cascianelli

Process & Operations Consultant

Reference in the field of optimization and control of organizational processes. Finds effective solutions for business growth. Always improving, with a smile and a coffee.

Carlo Mirabile

Digital Retail Operations

Manages retail projects with a twist, ranging from the implementation of artificial intelligence to graphic design skills. Adds a unique touch to project success by combining objective solutions with visual finesse.

Martina Grassadonia

Digital Retail Learning

Reference in Digital Training Journey projects. Their goal is to increase brand awareness and product knowledge using gamification learning systems.

Roberta Liberale

Social Media & Marketing Consultant

Chief Editor of the magazine and reference for strategy and communication on social media and web for Cavalieri Retail. She is a consultant in Marketing & Communication and CRM. Art, theater, and photography are her passions.